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Strategic Plan 2018-2023 

This document sets out a five-year strategic plan for the Recycling Council of British Columbia (RCBC) for the years 2018 through 2023. The plan was developed by the RCBC Board of Directors in collaboration with the senior staff.

RCBC Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Policy Positions

Approved RCBC Public Policy Positions

Comprehensive listing of RCBC's approved public policy positions on various issues from 1992 to present.

Background Papers

Disclaimer: RCBC reports reflect knowledge available at the time of writing and may no longer represent the most up-to-date information. 

On the Road to Zero Waste: Priorities for Local Governments (Released: June 22, 2009)

Summary: This report provides guidance to municipal and regional governments across B.C. on the actions, tools and opportunities available to them to increase the 3Rs and move closer to achieving zero waste.

Examining the Waste-to-Energy Option  (Released: October 24, 2008)

Summary: The Recycling Council of B.C. (RCBC) has produced a background paper which examines the current waste-to-energy discussion within Metro Vancouver and, in particular, examines the proposal by Plasco Energy, since this company has provided one of the more detailed, serious and innovative proposals to Metro Vancouver.

Annual Reports   

2015-2016 Annual Report (Released June 1, 2016)

2014-2015 Annual Report (Released: June 24, 2015)
2013-2014 Annual Report
(Released: May 28, 2014)
2012-2013 Annual Report (Released: May 24, 2013) 
2011-2012 Annual Report (Released: May 20, 2012) 
2010-2011 Annual Report (Released: June 8, 2011)
2009-2010 Annual Report (Released: May 25, 2010)


B.C. Municipal Solid Waste Tracking Reports

The B.C. Ministry of Environment has been tracking progress in reducing the amount of municipal solid waste (MSW) requiring disposal by means of annual MSW Tracking Reports, containing data supplied by regional districts.

2006 Report
2003-2005 Report
Previous Reports 1997-2002