Recycle My Cell Challenge

RMC buttonThe RECYCLE MY CELL national cell phone recycling program wants to help Atlas ease his load by making sure that all old and out-of-use cell phones, smartphones, wireless PDAs, pagers as well as their batteries and accessories are properly recycled.

Canadian students from kindergarten to post secondary are challenged to recycle as many old wireless devices and accessories as possible between October 20 to November 21, 2014. In addition to doing a good thing for the environment, students could also win some great prizes: $500 for their school to use for green initiatives, and as a participation prize, eligible schools will receive $1 for every phone they collect and recycle through Recycle My Cell!

Check here for more information or to register for this challenge.

Download the Recycle My Cell Challenge poster.

Recycle My Cell Challenge - get your school signed up!

The Recycle My Cell Challenge is open to all Canadian students. We will give you everything you need to easily set up your own Recycle My Cell collection site.

To participate in the Recycle My Cell Challenge:

1. Register your school on the national WRW website and share your school's waste reduction activities.

2. We will get you set up with a collection bin and all the challenge details. You will receive a RMC box, as well as postage-paid mailing labels via Canada Post.

3. Simply set up your RMC recovery box in a convenient location at your site, put up some posters and you're ready to have people place their mobile phones and accessories in the recovery box!

4. Get the word out! Let your school, friends and family know when and where they can bring their old cellphones, PDAs, pagers, chargers and batteries.

5. At the end of the challenge on November 21, 2014, mail in your recovered mobile devices and accessories.

In February we will announce the Recycle My Cell Challenge winners in each province and territory. You will not only be showcased on our website, our social media pages and in our press, you will be helping some great causes, and you could win some cool prizes. You will also have everything you need to continue your Recycle My Cell activities all year long.

If you have any questions please email us at

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