Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Programs in BC

In British Columbia, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) (formerly referred to as Industry Product Stewardship) is an environmental policy approach in which the producer's responsibility for reducing environmental impact and managing the product is extended across the whole life cycle of the product, from selection of materials and design to its end-of-life. (Ministry of Environment). 

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Current Programs

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Alarm Recycle Program

EPR Updates

Notice of Consultation - BC Used Management Association (BCUOMA) Stewardship Plan 

BC Used Management Association (BCUOMA) invites you to review and comment on its updated Stewardship Plan. BCUOMA has been successfully collecting and recycling used oil, containers and filters since 2003, and anti-freeze and anti-freeze containers since 2011. This five year review and consultation of our stewardship plan will help us readjust and refine our processes and help us meet our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. Your input into our new plan will help make this program will help us build on our current successes, and reach even better environmental outcomes.

You can see the plan, post comments on three specific questions (Performance, Collection, Communication) and see comments from others on our Consultation Website at -http://www.bcusedoil.com/survey/ 

There will be two scheduled webinars:

  • 10:00 AM Pacific Time, October 30, 2014
  • 10:00 AM Pacific Time, November 6, 2014

Webinar registration opens onTuesday, October 14th

Notice of Consultation - BDL Schedule 1 (Beverage Containers) Stewardship Plan Renewal (2015-2019)

Brewers Distributors Ltd. (BDL), which operates the stewardship program for refillable glass beer and cider bottles and all beverage alcohol sold in cans, is in the process of renewing its Schedule 1 stewardship plan for the period 2015 - 2019. The draft plan renewal is posted for public comment from now until December 1, 2014 and can be found at:www.EnviroBeerBC.com/reports-links/.

Public consultations on this draft plan renewal are also taking place throughout the province in late October: 

  • Oct. 21 in Vancouver (Delta Vancouver Suites), 1 – 3 pm
  • Oct. 22 in Victoria (Westin Bear Mountain Resort), 10 am – noon
  • Oct. 28 in Kelowna (Delta Grand Okanagan), 1 – 3 pm
  • Oct. 29 in Prince George (Ester’s Inn), 9 – 11 am

The public consultations are being held in conjunction with Call2Recycle, Recycle My Cell and Switch the ‘Stat. Further information and registration details can be found atwww.EnviroBeerBC.com/reports-links/

Other EPR Resources

  1. Video: Evolution of Industry-Led Product Stewardship Model in British Columbia
  2. RCBC Factsheet: BC EPR Overview (November 2011)
  3. B.C. Product Stewardship Programs Summary Table - A comprehensive summary compiled by RCBC of all current and upcoming stewardship programs in British Columbia (Updated: August 2012)
  4. British Columbia's Recycling Handbook




All twelve of B.C.'s existing stewardship agencies have partnered to produce an informational handbook. British Columbia's Recycling Handbook provides valuable information about all products that fall under the Recycling Regulation. It identifies the stewards, the products, any fees that may apply, what products are recycled into, contact information, and most importantly where to take products to ensure they are recycled responsibly.

A flipbook web version or pdf file can be accessed here.

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