Waste Reduction Week for Businesses

2014 Program for Businesses


Register your business for Waste Reduction Week 2014 and show your commitment to green practices.

For Waste Reduction Week this year RCBC has put together a comprehensive resource kit that will provide knowledge and direction to businesses looking to start a waste reduction program and to help improve existing programs. It will introduce concepts and tools to consider when looking at reducing the waste your business generates and how this can improve both your productivity and your bottom line.

The Business Resource Kit includes a number of valuable tools:

A Business Waste Assessment to help you assess your current generation of solid waste and plan necessary changes. A waste assessment can be an extremely valuable experience to a forward-thinking business, providing a baseline to start from.

Information on how to start a Recycling Program for your business. It covers what materials to include, where to find companies and resources to deal with those materials, how to save money, and how to improve your program over time.

Case Studies provides examples of businesses from various sectors that have succeeded in reducing their waste and improving sustainability.

Download all six case studies here or individually:

  1. London Drugs
  2. Fairmont Hotel Vancouver 
  3. Nature's Path Foods Inc.
  4. lululemon athletica 
  5. Metrotower Office Complex
  6. Boston Pizza International Inc.

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