Waste Reduction Week 2014

Welcome to Waste Reduction Week in Canada! This year will be held from October 20-26 2014.  We want to challenge you to reduce your ecological footprint through the actions and activities located in this section. And we hope to inspire you to come up with your own, unique, creative ways to reduce waste.

Since 2001, National Waste Reduction Week in Canada (WRW) has been organized by a coalition of non-government, not-for-profit environment groups, including RCBC, from each of the 13 participating provincial and territorial jurisdictions across Canada.

Check back on this page in the fall when we deliver 2014 program resources.  In the meantime, below are the 2013 Waste Reduction Week Resources.

Easy My Load | Recycle My Cell Challenge | Get Involved | Tip of the Day

Waste Reduction Week's Campaigns

 get involved 

Ease My Load 


The WRW mascot Atlas has a heavy burden carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, and the waste we produce doesn't make is job any easier! We want you to show the rest of Canada how you're helping to ease Atlas' load through your own reduce, reuse and recycle activities.

Click here to find out how you can help!

Recycle My Cell 

The 'Recycle My Cell' national cell phone recycling program wants to help Atlas ease his load by making sure that all old and out-of-use cell phones, smartphones, wireless PDAs, pagers as well as their batteries and accessories are properly recycled. The Recycle My Cell Challenge! challenges Canadian students from kindergarten to post secondary are to recycle as many old wireless devices and accessories. Check out the contest details and join the Recycle My Cell Challenge! 

Get Involved  

2014 Waste Reduction Week Poster

Download the poster in pdf format:

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WRW Tip of the Day 2014 Series 

Monday, October 20: Tackle Food Waste - Why You Can Make a Big Difference! 
Tuesday, October 21: Waste-Proof Your Kitchen - How to Avoid Food Waste Before it Can Happen
Wednesday, October 22: Use It or Lose It! How to Get the Most Out of Your Food 
Thursday, October 23: Rot the Rest - How to Reduce Waste by Composting
Friday, October 24: Tap Into Community: How to take your efforts beyond yourself

Looking for ideas? Click here for posters, programs and other ideas from past Waste Reduction Week campaigns.  

Thank you to Waste Reduction Week in Canada's national sponsor:

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